Parent Organization: AAVP Grants

Welcome to the ACADEMIC OPPORTUNITY FUND (AOF) homepage! 

Please Note: You may only apply for ONE AAVP grant per event and NO funding can be used for purchasing food, beverages, making copies, prizes for individuals, etc...AOF funding may ONLY be used for travel-related expenses (i.e. plane tickets, gas, Uber, etc.).


  1. You must first login (top right of screen) with your Calnet ID and Passphrase. Please answer every question as thoroughly and thoughtfully as you can. LINK TO AOF GRANT APPLICATION.
  2. After filling out an application, please click here to sign up for a mandatory interview. You must sign-up at least 5 business days in advance. If you want to alter your interview time anytime after signing up, you must create an account. AOF interview slots will be in 20-minute intervals on the following days: 

             Interview Times Monday 1:30-2:30PM Tuesday 12-1PM 3-4PM Wed 1-3PM 

We look forward to reviewing your application! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us at aof@asuc.org.

**Please do not request to join organization. The invitation is for those whose applications are approved. The Grants Directors will be inviting you if that happens.


For more information about the Academic Opportunity Fund:

The Academic Opportunity Fund awards grants for academic travel that enhances student access to valuable educational experiences beyond the classroom. The program provides opportunities for individuals and student groups to represent and further UC Berkeley's academic prestige and dedication to education. While most ASUC funding is restricted to on-campus activities, the Academic Opportunity Fund subsidizes off-campus academic pursuits - professional meetings, research conferences, academic competitions, and independent research.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis by the ASUC Academic Affairs Office. Allocations are generally limited to $500 per event, though this amount may be waived under exceptional circumstances. Since all graduate and professional student fees are directed to the Graduate Assembly, undergraduates will have the highest priority for this fund, though we do encourage all students to apply. Individuals who have not received funding in the past will be given greater consideration. Applicants that have the support and guidance of a UC Berkeley faculty mentor will receive special attention. Awards are contingent upon the availability of current funds and the number of received applications.  Each applicant may not apply for more than one grant for the same event.

The Committee will give the highest priority to proposals that demonstrate:

  • Potential for the advancement of research or the promotion of academic success
  • Full support and guidance of a UC Berkeley faculty mentor (includes optional statement of support)
  • Past history of academic achievement
  • Significant contribution to the student body and its academic development
  • Orientation toward co-curricular, academic, or professional development
  • Thoughtful planning with careful attention to logistical and financial details
  • Efforts to seek alternative funding
Address Eshleman
Berkeley, CA 94720