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Spring 2017 AAVP Grant applications are available from 2/6/2017 to 4/9/2017. Below is a summary of each of the 7 offered grants. To apply click on the link below the summary of your respective fund.

The Grants Department Heads have office hours at 412 Eshleman. Feel free to schedule an appointment via email at aavpgrants@asuc.org if you have any question or concern regarding AAVP Grants.  


AAVP Grants Spring 2017


Academic Opportunity Fund (AOF):

The Academic Opportunity Fund awards grants for academic travel that enhances student access to valuable educational experiences beyond the classroom. The program provides opportunities for individuals and student groups to represent and further UC Berkeley's academic prestige and dedication to education. While most ASUC funding is restricted to on-campus activities, the Academic Opportunity Fund subsidizes off-campus academic pursuits, such as professional meetings, research conferences, academic competitions, and independent research.

Please visit https://callink.berkeley.edu/organization/aavpgacademicopportunityfund for more information or to apply for AOF.


Underserved Student Equity Fund (USEF):

The Underserved Student Equity Fund will serve to make ASUC sponsored events accessible to both students with disabilities, by providing funding for accommodations, as well as transfer students, re-entry students, student parents, undocumented students, former foster youth and independent students, student veterans, and educational opportunity program students, by assisting programs which increase academic opportunities and provide necessary support services.

Please visit https://callink.berkeley.edu/organization/USEF for more information or to apply for USEF. 


Arts and Creativity Fund (ACF):

The Arts and Creativity Fund provides financial assistance to students and student groups that seek to enhance the exposure of visual, performing, and creative art endeavors on campus. The objective of the program is to foster greater creativity through arts on campus.  Funding is allocated to students or groups that organize and widely advertise artistic events.

Please visit https://callink.berkeley.edu/organization/aavpgrantsartsandcreativityfund for more information or to apply for ACF. 


DeCal Fund (DCF):

The DCF provides monetary support to DeCal courses and independent student-initiated courses at UC Berkeley. The ASUC Office of Academic Affairs administers the DCF in conjunction with the Program for Democratic Education (DeCal). The objective of this fund is to foster the growth of student-run courses and address the un-met academic needs of the student body. Funding is allocated to applicants based on their proposed classroom curriculum and ability to achieve the DCF goals.

Please visit https://callink.berkeley.edu/organization/dcf for more information or to apply for EEF.


Intellectual Community Fund (ICF):

The Intellectual Community Fund provides monetary support to collaborative events planned by and for Cal students. The objective of ICF is to fund programs that aim to foster a unified campus community that is conducive to free intellectual exchange. Through the distribution of small grants, the Intellectual Community Fund promotes joint campus programs that serve the diverse student population of UC Berkeley. Funding is allocated to student groups that cooperatively plan and advertise academic events serving multiple communities of interest.

Please visit https://callink.berkeley.edu/organization/aavpgintellectualcommunityfund for more information or to apply for ICF.


Multicultural Fund (MCF):

The Multicultural Fund provides monetary support to events introducing the campus to a culture. The program provides opportunities for student groups to hold unique and innovative events to increase campus awareness of multicultural issues. The objective of this fund is to build tolerance and appreciation for diversity by broadening students' perspectives. Funding is allocated to student groups that organize and widely advertise cultural events.

Please visit https://callink.berkeley.edu/organization/aavpgmulticulturalfund for more information or to apply for MCF.


Public Service Fund (PSF):

The Public Service Fund provides monetary support to increase and facilitate public service efforts targeted towards communities outside of the UC Berkeley campus. The objective of this fund  is to encourage students to partake in philanthropic or humanitarian based projects. The Public Service Fund strives to develop a sense of community awareness and enrich students’ community service experiences. Funding is allocated based on the impact the activities/events have on the targeted communities.

Please visit https://callink.berkeley.edu/organization/aavpgpublicservicefund for more information or to apply to PSF.


Greek Opportunity Fund (GOF)

The Greek Opportunity Fund provides monetary support to empower students and chapters that are members of the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Panhellenic Council (PHC), National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), or MultiCultural Greek Council (MCGC) to engage in meaningful community-based initiatives which focus on community service and philanthropy, scholarship and educational enhancement, leadership development, professional and career development, and/or health and safety, including alcohol education. Funding is allocated to fraternities and sororities that are members of IFC/PHC/NPHC/MGCG that organize philanthropic activities.

Please visit https://callink.berkeley.edu/organization/asucgreekopportunityfund for more information or to apply to GOF.


If you are still unsure about which grant is best suited for your event, please go to tinyurl.com/aavpgrants to take a short 20-second survey. 

For general AAVP Grants questions, please email the AAVP Grants Department Heads at aavpgrants@asuc.org. For specific fund questions, please email the appropriate grant director listed on each fund's profile page.
**Please do NOT request to join organization. The invitation is for those whose applications are approved. The Grants Directors will be inviting you if that happens.

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