Parent Organization: Cultural & Identity/Cultural & Ethnic Category (undergraduate) - Advised by Marissa Reynoso

The Underground Scholars Initiative (USI) was created to support all prospective and current UC Berkeley students impacted by issues of mass incarceration, imprisonment, and detainment of any kind. The goal of USI is to bridge the topic of mass incarceration that is highly popularized in academia with one that is grounded in the lived experiences of UC Berkeley students. USI has the unique opportunity of making UC Berkeley a catalyst for the development of a Prison to School pipeline within the University of California educational system.

USI will be:

Helping previously and/or currently incarcerated individuals transition into the culture of UC Berkeley by providing peer counseling, scholarship information, and other resources as they become available;

Advocating in the campus community on behalf of previously or currently incarcerated individuals, especially those who are already attending, or may soon attend, UC Berkeley;

Networking with other organizations within the university in order to mitigate the effects of incarceration, especially those effects that create social and logistical obstacles that can interfere with acquiring an education at UC Berkeley;

Helping students and their families to find alternatives to incarceration with the empowering effects of higher education; and

Forming a student-led working group to continue the establishment of a multiple resource center at UC Berkeley.

Address 2400 Bancroft Way #7
Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone Number P:(510) 643-2226