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Abba Modern (Abba)

We are a Christ-centered dance group that aims to spread Christian thought and ideals to the Berkeley community through the art of dance and testimony.

Berkeley Art Museum/ Pacific Film Archive Student Committee (BAM/PFA SC)

The BAM/PFA Student Committee works to connect students and the BAM/PFA through outreach and events aimed at all parts of the student community.

Berkeley Innovation (BI)

Berkeley Innovation is the human-centered design group at UC Berkeley. Our members come from a wide range of disciplines, but share a love of design thinking and innovation.

Cal Performances Student Ambassadors for the Arts (SAFTA)

A hub for performing arts at UC Berkeley, Student Ambassadors for the Arts (SAFTA) immerse students in world-class performances right here on campus. Working with Cal Performances staff, SAFTA members develop strategies to engage students w

Creative Applications to Life in Origami (CALO)

Our members strive to learn how to fold simple to advanced origami (no experience required!), to be able to visualize the geometry of origami and be able to execute a diagram correctly, further learning how to "read" crease patterns.

Creative Residencies for Emerging Artists Teaching Empowerment (CREATE)

CREATE is an organization supported by Cal Corps Public Service Center that gives artists, dancers, actors, filmmakers, and others an opportunity to apply creative skills through public service.

Exposure-Organization of Student Photographers (EOS)

Exposure-Organization of Student Photographers (EOS) provides photographing opportunities and services across the campus. We offer free workshops of photo taking, post editing, etc. We do so to enhance members' abilities in photography and innovation.

Fashion and Student Trends (FAST)

FAST provides a "runway" for students interested in fashion and the fashion industry to learn from other students and experts in the field. We run a fashion show each semester, featuring our student designers and models.

Krása Cosmetics Team (KCT)

Krása Cosmetics Team is a group of students interested in exploring the science of cosmetics and the cosmetic business. We are working towards developing new products that could revolutionize the cosmetic industry.


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