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ABA offers its members experiences, skills, and memories to last a lifetime, focusing on its three core values: professionalism, community, and service. Visit for more information.

Afghan Student Association (AfgSA)

Our mission is to preserve, promote, and embrace the cultural heritage of Afghanistan through social events, education, mentorship, and fundraising.

Arab Student Union (ASU)

We are the Arab Student Union (ASU) and our goal is to create and maintain a network for the benefit of Arab students on campus and enhance the involvement of Middle-Eastern community as well as preserving our culture.

Armenian Student Association (ASA)

Join our group to receive up-to-date news and event information hosted by the Armenian Students' Association at UC Berkeley.


ARRC is an academic resource on campus that supports those involved and interested in the Middle Eastern community. Our organization focuses on helping those pursuing a higher education through community socials via recruitment and retention.

Bears for Palestine (BFP)

Bears for Palestine is a student organization designated to enlighten, educate and raise awareness about Palestinian culture, values and history; with an overall goal to share the Palestinian story with the campus community. Goals of the organization inc

Berkeley Cambodian Students Association (BCSA)

The Berkeley Cambodian Student Association was originally founded to unite and support people who share an interest in Cambodia and Cambodian culture by fostering an appreciation of that culture.

Berkeley Chinese Students and Scholars Association (BCSSA)

Berkeley Chinese Students and Scholars Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote social, intellectual and cultural activities for UC Berkeley Chinese students.

Berkeley Indonesian Student Association (BISA)

The Berkeley Indonesian Student Association (BISA) was established in 1985. BISA's main purpose is to create stronger friendships between Indonesian students at UC Berkeley and help create greater awareness of Indonesian culture.

Black Recruitment and Retention Center (BRRC)

Our mission is to recruit and retain Black students at the University of California Berkeley.

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