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AFX Dance

AFX Dance is a hip-hop dance/urban group founded in Fall 2011 at UC Berkeley.

Argentine Tango Club of Berkeley (ATCB)

Welcome to UC Berkeley's Argentine Tango Club, organized by UC Berkeley students and staff, but open to tango dancers everywhere! Tango is an improvisational social dance which originated in Argentina and Uruguay, but is now danced all around the world.

Artists in Resonance (AiR)

Artists in Resonance, commonly known as AiR, is Berkeley's premiere co-ed A Cappella group. Our repertoire includes self-arranged pieces, everything from alternative rock and hip-hop to traditional fight songs and Top 40 hits.

ASUC Perspectives, an ASUC Program under the Office of the President (PERS)

made inactive 2.19.2016 RJ per ASUC CLO request reactivated 2.23.16 per email BK To promote and celebrate the diversity and multiculturalism of Cal through the talents of its students.


Azaad, UC Berkeley's co-ed collegiate competitive Bollywood dance team, creates productions that entertain audiences and motivate them to connect with the Hindi-Film/Bollywood culture.

Ballet Company at Berkeley (BC@B)

The Ballet Company at Berkeley (BC@B) is UC Berkeley’s first ballet company, committed to excellence in ballet and the enrichment of the arts community on campus, as well as expanding the aesthetic horizons of both dancers and audiences.

Ballet Folklorico Reflejos De Mexico (Reflejos)

Ballet Folklorico Reflejos de Mexico, referred to as “Reflejos”, is a Mexican folklorico dance group that promotes cultural diversity in the SF Bay Area.

Berkeley Ballroom Dancers (BBD)

Berkeley Ballroom is a student-run organization that has been providing classes and ballroom events for dancers in Berkeley and the East Bay for the past 50 years!

Berkeley Carillon Guild (BCG)

The Berkeley Carillon Guild fosters relationships among students, alumni, and staff of the Sather Tower Carillon, addresses the problems of carillon students on campus, and provides awareness regarding the carillon program to the campus and community.

Best Laid Plans (BLP)

Best Laid Plans aims to provide an open space for people to be creative and have fun, through improvisational theater, comedy, and performance. BLP members will work hard to hone improv skills, learn, entertain others, and have an enjoyable experience.

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