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Asian American Law Journal (AALJ)

The Asian American Law Journal (AALJ) is the preeminent law journal exploring Asian American issues, based at Berkeley Law.

BARE Magazine (BARE)

BARE Magazine is UC Berkeley's premier fashion and art publication.

Berkeley Fiction Review (BFR)

We are a literary magazine dedicated to publishing experimental and artistic short fiction.

Berkeley Forum, The (TBF)

The Berkeley Forum is a non-partisan forum for the expression and debate of a wide range of ideas. Founded in 2012, the Forum organizes panels, debates, and talks by leading experts and distinguished persons on issues both topical and timeless.

Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law (BJCL)

The Berkeley Journal of Criminal Law provides a forum for the discussion of regional, national, and international criminal law issues. The journal regularly publishes cutting-edge scholarship from professors, judges, research fellows, and law students.

Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law (BJELL)

The Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law (formerly Industrial Labor Relations Law Journal) presents current developments in the labor and employment law field to scholars, practitioners, and students.

Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice (BGLJ)

Our mandate is to publish feminist legal scholarship that critically examines the intersection of gender with one or more other axes of subordination, including, but not limited to, race, class, sexual orientation, and disability.

Berkeley Journal of International Law (BJIL)

BJIL is a student-run journal of Berkeley Law publishing on a broad range of scholarship in public international, private international, and comparative law.

Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Law (JMEIL)

JMEIL is committed to furthering and fostering discourse on issues related to Middle Eastern and Islamic law through the sponsoring of future colloquia, speakers, and work with Boalt faculty to establish a structured program of research in Islamic law

Berkeley Poetry Review (BPR)

Berkeley Poetry Review (BPR) is the University of California, Berkeley's longest running poetry journal, having been published annually since 1974. It has earned the distinction of being one of the premier student-managed journals in the country.

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