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[make]new christian fellowship (mn, makenew)

Make New is a campus Christian fellowship. Regardless of your background, we invite you to come check us out! From Friday boba & bowling to Sunday services, we’re a group that loves to have fun, talk about life, & God

4Corners Christian Fellowship (4Corners)

We are a diverse Christian fellowship that welcomes everyone from everywhere (hence the name, “4Corners”).

acts2fellowship (A2F)

A2F is a Christian fellowship that strives to live like the community described in Acts Chapter 2 - ordinary people forming an extraordinary community. We meet every week to study the Bible and build lasting friendships.

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF)

A group of friends trying to find answers in the Bible. Friday Fellowship at 6:30 PM: Free food and Bible discussion. Church Service at 11:15 AM on Saturdays followed by a potluck at 12:40.

Adventist Student Movement (ASM)

Adventist Student Movement is a Bible-based revival movement in which God’s truths are presented in love. Our vision is to be a soul winning and training center that will multiply the number of disciples of Jesus Christ every year.

Ark College Group, The (ACG)

The purpose of Ark College Group is to make and become disciples who are filled with faith, healed in every way, powerful in the gifts of the spirit, and influential in the world.

Asian American Christian Fellowship (AACF)

Community at Berkeley seeking to share the Gospel with students, primarily those who identify as being Asian American.

Atheists and Skeptics Society at Berkeley (BASS)

We're the only secular student group active at UC Berkeley. We use Callink primarily for administrative purposes; if you are interested in joining our group please visit us at and send us a message!

BACC Campus (BACC)

A place that people can discuss their passions/ambitions and move forward during their college career developing a relationship with God. This organization teaches the basics of who God is, what it means to follow him, and how to discover your destiny.

Berkeley Bahai Club (BBC)

The Berkeley Bahá’í Club is a student organisation devoted to the practical implementation of the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh on unity, justice, and selfless service.

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