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Aerospace SAE (ASAE)

We are a student competition team that designs, and manufactures remote-controlled aircraft to compete in the SAE International Aero-Design Competition(s).

BERKE1337 Cyber Security Team (BERKE1337)

The purpose shall be to organize, hack, defend, educate, compete, and have fun. We provide the opportunity to compete in information security competitions and connect people interested in security focusing from both a theoretical & practical standpoint.

Blockchain at Berkeley (formerly Bitcoin Association of Berkeley) (B@B)

To educate and connect members of the Berkeley community who share an interest in blockchain technologies. To support and foster cryptocurrency-related projects and innovation.


We are a competitive engineering team that is competing in SpaceX's Hyperloop competition. We also wish to foster a community of socially aware and environmentally conscious engineers through realization of and education about Hyperloop.

Cellular Agriculture Academic Society (CAAS)

Cellular Agriculture Academic Society (CAAS) focuses on the emerging technology of cellular agriculture, which involves creating materials from cell cultures. Our main focus is on creating animal products (meat, leather, silk, etc.) from cell cultures.

Data Science Society at Berkeley (DSSB)

Data Science Society at Berkeley aims to create a community to discuss, learn and explore Data Science for students at UC Berkeley. We offer free workshops for club members on technical skills related to data science.

DiversaTech (DaT)

DiversaTech is a tech consulting organization aimed at inspiring interdisciplinary students to excel in technology careers. We work with real companies to solve real problems while encouraging diversity of thought in the tech industry.

eXperimental Computing Facility (XCF)

The XCF is dedicated to building visionary, useful software for the University and the community at large.

Fintech Investment Network (FIN)

The Fintech Investment Network, or FIN, aims to educate and expose members to a network of collaborators that can help enhance their educational, technical, and professional aspirations in the fintech (financial technology) industry.


Google@Berkeley aims to unite students who are passionate about technology, leadership and innovation on the UC Berkeley campus.

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