2017-18 Request for Use of 501c3 Non-Profit Tax ID Number

General Instructions


If a student organization is receiving donations of funding, services or goods (aka in-kind donations) and the donor wishes to receive a tax credit they may need documentation providing an IRS Recognized 501c3 Non-Profit Tax Identification number for their records. The Associated Students of the University of California and the University of California are officially recognized 501c3 Non-Profits. Groups may fundraise under the ASUC or UC umbrella to the extent allowable by IRS regulations. 

You must coordinate closely with your LEAD Center advisor when organizing fundraising activities that will require the ASUC’s or UC's 501c3 non-profit status and tax identification number. The ASUC or UC Tax ID Number must be delivered to the potential donor by a LEAD Center representative on the group’s behalf to ensure the use of the tax id number abides by IRS, UC and ASUC rules and regulations. The ASUC Tax ID number will not be made available to students directly.

You can visit the LEAD Center, 432 Eshleman Hall, M-F 9am-6pm or make an appointment with your LEAD Center coordinator by calling 510-642-5171. To begin the process of obtaining tax deductible donations for your group, please proceed to page 2.